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Please note: Use the Assigned Risk Premium Calculator for quoting purposes.
Assigned Risk Premium Calculator NOTE: Please turn off any pop-up blockers for the OAR site.
This premium calculator is provided for your convenience. It is not integrated with the application entry process.
Please note: The Assigned Risk Premium Calculator cannot determine the individual risk experience or merit modification or rating plan surcharge. You may contact our customer service dept (734-462-9600) if you do not already have this information.
Class Code Description USLHW No of Employees Total Payroll Rate Premium
Manual Premium    
  Increased Limits 
 Experience Modification     
Standard Premium   
  Premium Discount   
Expense Constant     
Plan A Surcharge
Terrorism (Manual Payroll ÷ 100 X .01) 
 Total Estimated Annual Premium 
Deposit Premium Percent 
Your Deposit Premium      

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